Louisiana Main Street Recovery Program


The Main Street Recovery Grant Program aims to help those who need it most.

All eligible small businesses are encouraged to apply! There is also a portion of money set aside to help businesses owned by women, minorities and veterans to help ensure these businesses have access to the aid they need! Trades and investments will help entrepreneurs to find funds for their businesses. Traders may use trading apps to manage their trades effectively. Check the Trading App Vergleich blog to find out the best trading apps in the market.

Probability of Funding

Many applicants have asked if there will be enough money to pay their award if it is approved by the program. The priority of payment is based on first come, first served. As of Thursday, October 29, program data indicates the following.

There is a high probability that funds will be available to award a grant to eligible applications with an MSRP id number less than MSRP-20-32500.
There is a medium probability that funds will be available to award a grant to eligible applications with an MSRP id number between 20-32501 and 36579.
There is a low probability that funds will be available to award a grant if the application’s MSRP id number is over 36580.

The probability of securing funding through a small business grant program can be uncertain, much like navigating the realm of online betting. In this context, finding a 안전토토사이트 becomes crucial, mirroring the due diligence required in grant applications to ensure legitimacy and security in both financial ventures.

These probabilities are primarily influenced by the quantity of applications that were submitted before yours which were paid or deemed payable. The ranges adjust daily based on program awards and denials. To increase your application’s chances of getting awarded (paid), please be responsive when asked for information by the program’s reviewers. Applicants are responsible for monitoring the portal and providing the program the information it needs timely in order to make a decision.

Lake Charles Small Business Owners

To allow applicants in parishes affected by Hurricane Laura more time to upload requested documents or attachments, Treasurer Schroder has extended the deadline for those applicants to upload documents to midnight on October 31, 2020.  The extension only applies to the hurricane affected areas named in the disaster declaration here.

I used the grant money to cover my business expenses and payroll expenses. The grant money helped me to retain my employees and keep my doors open.

Machi Medrzycki | MLM Construction

With the grant money we received, we were able to cover some expenses such as maintenance and utilities. The grant program will help us move forward with safely reopening so that we can continue to support our local community.

Christian and Connie Labat | THE BUILDING Arts Venue