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Louisiana Consumer Complaints are expression of displeasure, grief, regret or resentment. A Louisiana Consumer Dispute is conflict, active disagreement, argument about personal rights, public policy or law issues.

Everyone wants to be heard and respected. We advocate for mediation based on fundamental belief that individuals and business can resolve complaints and disputes when provided skilled guidance and legal rights support.

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Louisiana Ombudsman

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Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman

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The word ombudsman dates back to 1809 when the Swedish Parliament created a new official known as the Justitie-Ombudsman, referring to public officials appointed to investigate citizen complaints against governmental agencies. Ombudsman loosely translates as citizen defender or representative of the people.

The Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman is helpful when:
1) Uncertain about which policy, procedure, or regulation applies to your situation.

2) Unfairly or inequitably treated or that a policy, procedure, or regulation has been applied unfairly or erroneously, or is itself fundamentally unfair.

3) If a problem that requires someone to help negotiate a solution, or to help facilitate your communication with others.

4) Would like to find out who has the authority to make an exception to a rule or policy.

5) Want to know the right person or office to whom to direct a formal complaint or grievance.

Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman is a designated neutral person who provides confidential and informal assistance in resolving consumer conflicts. The Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman investigates complaints, reports findings, and helps mediate fair settlements, especially between an individuals or group of individuals; and an institution or organizations.

The Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman will:
Listen to complaints
Answer questions
Analyze situations
Explain policies and procedures
Provide information and advice
Explore solutions
Help untangle bureaucratic red tape
Suggest appropriate referrals
Assist in pursuing a resolution
Inform administration of significant trends
Recommend changes in policies and procedures

The Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman does not advocate for any side in a conflict. The role of the Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman is to identify potential areas of conflict, wrongdoing, administrative abuse and provides information on individual rights. The Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman provides an opportunity for informal discussion of problems outside formal channels.

Visit the Ombudsman Directory to find Louisiana Ombudsman in your area.

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Louisiana Consumer Ombudsman

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